Soulwinning Crash-Course


Sinners' Prayers by Joseph Dearing

This 24-page booklet is a good supplement to Soulwinning Crash Course. 

It explains and defends the application of Romans 10:9-13 to salvation, while also reproving the abuse of Romans 10:9-13.

It's a concise yet multifaceted study.  

A must-have for pastors, sunday school teachers, soulwinners, tract-authors, Christian parents, and anyone who has ever doubted their salvation because of confusion surrounding this topic.

REVIEWS of Sinners' Prayers:

Dr. Sam Gipp, author of The Answer Book:

"It was really, really well done...  Slam-dunk."

Stephen Shutt, AV Publications:


"I like [Sinners' Prayers].  It certainly made me think."

Pastor Jon Dabill, Old Time Bible Baptist Church:

"I enjoyed it very much...  God will bless it."