Soulwinning Crash-Course


SOULWINNING CRASH COURSE is a concise but thorough instruction manual for leading lost souls to the Lord Jesus Christ.  It includes extensive refutations of false doctrines held by various cult members that a soulwinner may encounter.  Whether you've never attempted to witness before, or you're an experienced soulwinner desiring to sharpen your skills, this book will prove helpful.


234 pages
8 chapters
3 appendices

Scripture index


All scripture quotations are from the King James Bible.

Reviews of Soulwinning Crash Course:

Dr. Sam Gipp,  A Friend To Churches Ministries:

"It is a good book... And it is going to help you with soulwinning."

DayStar Publishing reviewer:

"Information given was sound doctrinally and gave good insight in handling different cults and situations in soulwinning.  Some great common sense and practical advice... Some great do's and dont's in soulwinning and great scriptural foundation as to the correct way of doing it and why.  Anyone that is just getting started or motivated to soulwinning would find this a great encouragement and helpful resource."

Rick Schworer, author of
Roadmap Through Revelation:

"I easily read this book in a couple sittings and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found myself motivated to be a more aggressive witness for Christ.

By far the best part of this book is the first chapter, at least that is what impacted me the most. In it you have some clear principles of what to do and what not to do, and some wordtracks that look like they could be really effective in getting to the point in a harmless as doves manner. There are admonitions on preparation, prayer, dress, discernment, etc. VERY good chapter.

The rest of the book is good as well and focuses on dealing with folks that are caught up in damnable doctrines. The author helps the reader to understand why they believe what they believe, and how to show people the truth without being a jerk at the same time (imagine that!). I respect that the author is humble and presents multiple PLAUSIBLE interpretations for problem texts.

There are things, I suppose, that someone could get hung-up on in this book and wind up not liking it or trashing it to others publically or privately. I honestly believe that you could do that in just about any book. Having grace and being a mature Christian means gleaning what you can when the meat is put in front of you - and there is much to glean from this book."

Pastor Bob Leib, Boaz Baptist Church:

"Other than the Bible itself, Soulwinning Crash Course by Joseph Dearing is a veritable treasure-chest of practical tools that every soul conscious Bible-believer might need to begin or continue getting Lost souls to Jesus. Anyone who reads this concise book, who understands the worth of a soul, will be encouraged, equipped and edified. I was."

Pastor David Grice, Lighthouse Baptist Church of Grand Prairie, Texas:

"I love this book. It's easy to read, and jam-packed with helpful information... Clear and practical, the book helps you weed through your own list of excuses for not soul-winning. Then, you are given a clear path to follow, as you speak to people about their souls.
Possibly the most helpful part of the book, and the part that will take the longest to read, is the step-by-step dismantling of many false doctrines. If you have people that you care about, who are involved in a false religion or cult, you will find out some of their 'key' heresies...and see them dismantled and refuted, using Scripture. This book could help change some conversations, plant some seed, and help win loved-ones, neighbors, co-workers, and friends that are part of the religious lost."

Barry Burton, author of Let's Weigh The Evidence:

"I think the book (SoulWinning Crash Course) by Bro. Joseph Dearing is one of the greatest, if not the best soul winning book of its kind...  I'm sure God will bless you and this book as it travels life's journey into the hands and hearts of many soul winners.  To my Bro. and friend in Christ, thank you for writing this book.  I will use it greatly.  God bless you!!!"

Stephen Shutt, A.V. Publications:

"I would like to recommend to you The Soul-Winning Crash Course, by Joseph Dearing.  It is a very well balanced book that deals with the importance of soul winning – not from a personal bias, but from scriptural command and precedent.  In this easy to read and understand book, Joseph explains the proper way to begin a conversation with someone concerning eternity, and then shows you how to introduce that person to Christ – all based on the word of God.  Within the first 40 pages, you are fully equipped to give someone the Gospel in a manner that is not only simple, but biblical.

One thing that I love about this book is that Joseph not only deals with getting you 'on the field', but he also gives you a way to deal with the more dominant cults that you will encounter on the field.  Again, he does this by giving you biblical standards and defenses that draw the conversations back to the central theme of salvation, and disarming anyone who tries to stand on their own merits or traditions.

I highly recommend this well-balanced, and well-written book.  If you are not out soul winning because you think you don't know exactly what to do: Read this book.  In 15 minutes, you will be out 'in the highways and hedges' compelling people to come to the Saviour."


Dr. Terry Watkins, Th.D., Dial-the-Truth Ministries:

"I did enjoy your soulwinning book."

Pastor Ronald C. Leggitt, Lighthouse Baptist Church of Lincoln Park, Michigan:

"SOULWINNING CRASH COURSE, by Joseph Dearing is an instruction manual that every 'soldier of the cross' should have in his arsenal.  Not only is the material comprehensive and easy to follow, more importantly, it is written from the standpoint of a 'Bible believer'.  SOULWINNING CRASH COURSE is a great text book for use by either an individual, or by a group of students attending a church soul winning class.  As both an inspirational and a doctrinal instruction book it provides a wealth of material which if followed prayerfully will help any beginning soul winner start off on the right foot.  Also, the material is advanced enough to help a good soul winner become even better.  This is a 'WIN – WIN' book from cover to cover."

Nate Beck:

" care anything at all about reaching lost souls for Christ, get you a copy!  Some of the best practical advice I've ever read, and it's written by someone who actually does the field work...  This belongs in every Christian's library!"